About Us


Situated on a rocky peninsula overlooking scenic Oba Lake in remote Northern Ontario, Tatnall Camp offers unique wilderness experiences in modernized cabins including: fishing, hunting, canoeing and family vacation packages. Tatnall Camp is less than a mile away from the world’s largest wildlife sanctuary – the Chapleau Game Preserve. Your remote wilderness adventure includes a scenic fly-in trip.

About Us

Our family has operated Tatnall Camp for over 42 years and has extensive experience in delivering quality wilderness vacations on Oba Lake.

Your Experience

Depending on personal preferences and the package chosen, activities that guests can enjoy at their own leisure include: fishing, hunting, canoeing, swimming, wildlife and nature viewing, photography, exploring, visiting the beach or enjoying a shore lunch of freshly caught fish on a secluded island or just relaxing in the hot tub or sauna. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway location to take a little break from your everyday life, then this is the retreat for you. Your time at Tatnall Camp will be an unforgettable experience!