Tatnall Camp is a great getaway opportunity. Spend time with the family in the remote wilderness of Oba Lake! If you are looking for plenty of activities, we have a lot to offer!

  • Fish in a boat or off the dock
  • Boat and explore remote waterways
  • Be close to wildlife in their natural habitat setting, including moose, ducks, loons, beavers, otters, snowshoe hares and fox, to name a few
  • Enjoy a shore lunch on a secluded island
  • View great scenery, take breathtaking photos
  • Trek the woods/trail walk
  • Bonfire night, outdoor fish fry
  • Canoe nearby creeks/river
  • Children can explore the starlit sky for sightings such as the milky way, northern lights and numerous constellations on a clear evening from the steps of their cabin
  • Visit secluded beaches on the lake
  • Getting to/from Camp–A scenic plane ride with a local air service your kids will always remember.
  • Relax in the outdoor hot tub and/or sauna