Enjoy a long paddle down the scenic and secluded Oba River which is located just west of the Chapleau Game Preserve. This river is part of the arctic watershed, and flows north towards James Bay. The water meanders between banks overhanging with cedars, churns over and around Precambrian rock formations, rushes through passages as narrow as eight feet and pours over scenic waterfalls. Jumper Falls is just one of the sites you will enjoy visiting. You will be challenged by adventurous rapids and small to medium length portages.

Self Guided Canoe Outfitting Package

This getaway includes canoeing opportunities on Oba Lake and in the Oba River. We equip you with all the gear you will need. Highlights of this trip can include fishing and shore lunches on route, a beach stop, visiting an eagle’s nest or viewing various wildlife and bird species. Explore the surrounding creeks such as the Big Pike, Little Pike, Whiteberry, Perch and Tatnall Creek. You can also tent overnight on one of the many islands.

Guided Canoe Outfitting Package

Our guided package is very similar to the self guided package, but includes guide service down the Oba River canoe route. One-on-one guide service makes for a great hands on experience where your guide will provide courteous and approachable service to you as you enjoy the area.

Customized guided trips are also available to venture along Oba Lake and its surrounding creek systems.